Home Insurance

Often the biggest investment in one’s life is the purchase of a home. That is why it’s so important to have insurance on the home to protect your investment and your family. A comprehensive homeowner’s policy not only covers the house and contents, it also provides personal liability coverage as well as additional living expenses should you be displaced due to an insured loss. Other coverage may also be purchased to complement the policy such as sewer back-up and identity theft coverage.

If you rent a home or apartment there is a similar insurance policy available to you in the form of a Tenant’s Insurance Policy. It basically provides the same coverage as homeowner’s policy with the exception of the building. More and more landlords are making a Tenant’s Insurance Policy a mandatory requirement in the rental contract. It is an inexpensive way to protect your personal belongings and comply with your rental contract.

Do you have a home away from home, such as a cottage or vacation trailer? What about a boat at that cottage? Bennett Carr Insurance can insure all of these, too! Please contact us to discuss the insurance coverage available on these items, or Reqest a Home Insurance Quote.